Better parts and solutions for the independent aftermarket

Our aim is to support the independent aftermarket with better parts and solutions – reliable like a friend. The credo of our founder Wulf Gaertner – ‘The friendship of those we serve is the foundation of our success’ – still describes to this day how we work together within MEYLE and with partners to support drivers all over the world, whether it’s motorsport drivers, classic car fans, DIY enthusiasts, competent technicians or any drivers who need to be able to rely on their car. At our headquarters in Hamburg, we fulfil our high quality standards in all areas, from development and production coordination to logistics and services.  Together with trade partners, workshops and car mechanics in 120 countries, we work to ensure that drivers can rely on us - that's how we help workshops to be DRIVER'S BEST FRIEND.

DIGITALISATION: better solutions for data

The world is changing – and, with it, the way in which we access relevant information with digital means. MEYLE has dedicated itself to the idea of providing partners and customers with the simplest access to information that’s relevant to them. That’s reflected in the high quality of image and text data which we provide centrally in market-relevant databases such as TecDoc. We also work within our company and with our partners to direct our data and content to our customers as efficiently and effectively as possible. That’s because excellent data are the basis for the best decisions possible – for appropriate parts at the right place and at the right time. For market analysis, stock management at the warehouse and ultimately ordering the appropriate spare part. 

To keep an eye on the future of the independent aftermarket and offer targeted solutions, we’re actively involved in the work carried out by the CARMUNICATION association, which collects relevant vehicle data and publishes it on the CARMUNICATION platform for all members with the aim of creating a level playing field for all market participants. 

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