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Wulf Gaertner Autoparts (S) Pte Ltd (founded in 1977) is a subsidiary of German car parts manufacturer Wulf Gaertner Autoparts AG with its Meyle brand products. With another branch office Wulf Gaertner Autoparts (M) Sdn Bhd in Kuala Lumpur (founded 1993), it builds a wide business network for distributing Meyle products and other renowned OEM brands throughout Asia.

Wulf Gaertner Autoparts (S) Pte Ltd公司成立于1977年,是德国生产MEYLE品牌的汽车部件制造商沃尔夫葛纳汽车配件股份公司的一个子公司。与另外一个成立于1993年、位于吉隆坡的分支机构Wulf Gaertner Autoparts (M) Sdn Bhd一起构成了在亚洲销售MEYLE产品和其它知名原始设备制造商生产的汽车部件产品的广泛商务网络。

Wulf Gaertner Autoparts (S) PTE LTD, Singapore
61 Kaki Bukit Ave 1, 
#03-11 Shun Li Industrial Park
Singapore 417943

Tel. +65 6841 1163
Fax +65 6841 8803


Wulf Gaertner Autoparts (M) Sdn Bhd
63 Jalan Segambut Pusat 
51200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel. +603 62 52 63 27/8
Fax +603 62 52 63 29


We operate as a resource centre with an extensive range of vehicle parts and accessories for European passenger cars, light trucks and commercial vehicles. Specialising in steering and suspension, rubber-to-metal parts, braking, cooling and damping, Meyle offer a range of about 23,000 quality spare parts to meet your every need.