Supply Chain Management

More than 50 years of competence and experience in procurement, logistics, import and export form the foundation of efficient Supply Chain Management at Wulf Gaertner Autoparts AG. As a result of effective planning methods, selective management of production plants as well as careful and reliable control systems, our business partners benefit worldwide from a cost-effective and needs-oriented flow of goods.

The MEYLE programme currently comprises 23,000 parts (including more than 1000 MEYLE-HD parts). Modern planning and forecasting methods as well as sufficient  buffer stocks ensure high availability of all parts at all times. A well-conceived replenishment control system via Vendor Managed Inventory forms the basis for constant utilization of our own production plants, and at the same time ensures swift responses to fluctuations in demand.

Highly efficient warehouse logistics is decisive for the flow of goods. On a storage area of 29,000 m² at our head office in Hamburg alone there are more than 56,000 pallet spaces, 20,000 lower shelf spaces and 1,500 flow rack spaces available, which are all controlled via a fully integrated IT system.

There are no delays in order processing, even at peak times. This is ensured via a flexible shift system as well as a large number of industrial trucks and packing stations.

MEYLE parts are supplied to more than 120 countries from logistic locations distributed around the world. Clients benefit from additional logistic services and realization of country-specific packing and shipment requirements. A separate express section also guarantees same-day delivery.

Wulf Gaertner Autpoarts AG is an approved economic operator with an AEO F Certificate (AEO – Authorised Economic Operator), and is a competent partner with regard to all customs and foreign trade issues. This ensures a safe and integrated international supply chain.        

By means of continuous inspection of our shipment processes and consistent selection of ideal transport alternatives, Wulf Gaertner Autoparts AG always guarantees its business partners the best possible service.