Wulf Gaertner Autoparts – high quality spare parts in China

Wulf Gaertner Autoparts AG Shanghai Ltd. ensures their Chinese customers efficiency and prompt delivery of their high-quality MEYLE and MEYLE- HD brand automotive spare parts. The MEYLE product range offers more than 23,000 extremely reliable and durable spare parts manufactured at own production facilities or by trusted production partners. 

沃尔夫葛纳汽车部件(上海)有限公司[Wulf Gaertner Autoparts AG Shanghai Ltd.]确保能够及时、高效地给他们的中国客户交付高品质的 MEYLE 和 MEYLE - HD 品牌汽车零配件。 MEYLE拥有 23,000 多种非常可靠、耐用的零配件产品,这些产品都是由 MEYLE 自己或值得信赖的合作伙伴生产。

MEYLE Shanghai

Wulf Gaertner Autoparts AG Shanghai Ltd.
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QingPu Dist • Shanghai • China

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Engineered to perfection for longer service life
MEYLE parts are engineered in Hamburg, Germany by Wulf Gaertner Autoparts AG. The company distributes MEYLE parts for eight product groups:

  • steering & suspension
  • rubber-to-metal parts
  • brake parts
  • damping parts
  • cooling parts
  • filters
  • drive components
  • electric components.

The spare parts manufacturer´s commitment to quality is reflected by its range of MEYLE-HD parts. HD parts highlight the parts’ improved strength and durability compared to OE. The current range of HD parts features around 750 products.

MEYLE零配件设计工作是在德国汉堡的沃尔夫葛纳汽车部件(上海)有限公司总部完成的。公司负责分销 8 类 MEYLE零配件产品:   

  • 转向与悬架部件
  • 橡胶金属部件
  • 制动部件
  • 阻尼部件
  • 冷却部件
  • 过滤器
  • 驱动器元件
  • 电气元件

MEYLE-HD 产品充分体现了配件制造商对质量的承诺。与OE相比,HD部件突显了更高的强度和耐用性。HD 部件现有约 750 种产品。

Shanghai Office Services

At the Wulf Gaertner Autoparts AG Shanghai office a dedicated team of Chinese and German employees handle a wide array of business operations from quality control, purchasing and sales to warehouse management and logistics. Operational and organisational structures, workflow processes, test regulations and equipment used at the new office have been set up according to the rigorous requirements of the Hamburg head office. The large area comprising several thousand square-meters also accommodates a quality test laboratory and extensive warehouse facilities to store the comprehensive range of MEYLE quality-branded spares.

办事处按照汉堡总部的严格要求,制定了业务和组织架构、工作流程、检验规程和新办公室的设备使用要求等。这一大块场地,占地几千平方米,内设有一个质量检验实验室和大量的仓库设施,用于存放众多 MEYLE的高品质标准配件。